Below is a chart to give approximate guide to what size cake you may need for your number of guests.

Usually cake given out at weddings and special occasions is sized as a finger portion [1”x 1”x 3”] .

If you are serving cake as dessert you will need larger slices [1”x 2”x 3”] please bear this in mind for smaller gatherings such as  birthdays.

For example for a birthday an 8” round cake will serve around 20 people.

All cake portions are worked out from cutting the cake in a grid pattern as it is easier to maintain equal servings.

sugar frogs

Cake Size

Approximate Portions
Finger serving 1" x 1"Dessert serving 1" x 2 "
4"/10 cm106
4"/10 cm168
6"/15 cm2012
6"/15 cm3417
8"/20 cm4024
8"/20 cm6028
10"/25.5 cm6435
10"/25.5 cm9547
12"/30 cm10057
12"/30 cm13768

All figures given are for guide only. Please remember to let the caterers know if you wish to serve finger or dessert portions.

The latest trend in weddings is to serve individual cakes either cupcakes or mini cakes that compliment a top tier cutting cake. Towers can have from 2 up to 7 tiers and be created with all combinations, with a mix of different cup cake sizes alongside individual cakes.

The cakes can be all uniform or unique combining simple and intricate within the same theme.

Kitchen/Cutting cakes are avaliable in all the flavours. These are iced to match your main cake. All kitchen cake are square for maximum portions and are a great way of serving a lot of guests cost effectivley. Please see price list for  costs and above for portions.